Category: Soil Treatment

  • Compost bags used for packing animal feed, horticultural products, organic mixes, hydroponic media, and soil treatment.
  • Co-extruded PE Form Fill Seal bags for packing animal feeds, ice, drinks, milk, food, compounds, fertilizers, granules, powders, polymers, building materials, and household care.
  • Ground cover film used to maximize light reflection and keep plants’ root zone cooler.
  • Mulch film to enhance fresh produce growth, yield, and quality, as well as protect the soil.
  • Multi-wall paper sacks to store building materials and chemicals, such as powders, granules, cement mixtures, aggregates, and asphalt, as well as animal feeds and dry food, in addition to charcoal, tapes, and adhesives.
  • PE open mouth bags used for packing compounds, animal feeds, fertilizers, polymers, and building materials.
  • Soil disinfection film used for disinfecting the soil and prohibiting destruction of beneficial organisms.