Category: Building Materials

  • Non-adhesive barricade tapes to clearly mark construction areas and prevent accidents by increasing visibility of hazards.
  • Concrete curing film for building and construction sectors used for covering hydraulic cement concrete.
  • Construction film used for protecting and storing materials, such as windows, doors, floors, sanitary equipment, radiators, and other equipment.
  • HDPE film for packing granular bitumen, solvents and coatings.
  • Hinge-lid boxes are suitable for a countless number of products displayed on supermarket shelves.
  • Multi-wall paper sacks to store building materials and chemicals, such as powders, granules, cement mixtures, aggregates, and asphalt, as well as animal feeds and dry food, in addition to charcoal, tapes, and adhesives.
  • Paper cores for winding and unwinding stretch films, metal and aluminum wires, non-woven products, and paper and tissue products.
  • Paper Self-Opening Sacks (SOS) bags for takeaway and catering hot food from fast food franchises, restaurants, bakeries, sandwich shops, and coffee chains, in addition to animal feeds, building materials, household care products, and charcoal.
  • PE adhesive film used for layering aluminum composite panels and building decoration in office complexes, shopping malls, banks, hotels, and other facilities.
  • PE FFS bags for packing building, construction, chemical, and petrochemical flakes, granules, pastes, powders, and additives.
  • FFS films on rolls used to pack construction, chemical and petrochemical pellets, powders, and other products with FFS machinery.
  • Pipe wrap sleeves for wrapping pipelines, such as cast iron, copper, steel, and plastic, and ductile iron pipes and fittings.
  • PE printed protective film used for covering wood, carpets, tapes, adhesives, mattresses and other heavy objects.
  • Pre-made pouches and bags for filling powders and granules for agriculture, building and construction, chemical and petrochemical, as well as food, healthcare, household care, and tobacco products.