Category: Towels Household

  • Sanita Bouquet brings a touch of luxury to your world & helps you embrace innovative hygiene.
    With its Ultra Absorbent strength, Sanita Bouquet Kitchen Towel is the perfect choice for a multi-task solution: whether for cleaning surfaces or drying plates & glasses or even for cooking for your beloved ones. Sanita Bouquet Kitchen Towel can absorb all the unwanted liquids, keeping your environment clean & healthy.
  • Sanita Club Kitchen Towel is a smart choice; it offers you the high absorbency you need at the best price. Sanita Club Kitchen Towel is enhanced with a 2-ply extra absorbent layer for a trusted performance.
  • Hala generously matches acceptable quality with low price to serve you well in hotels, offices & households.
  • Sanita Manachef is a folded towel offering you a 3 in 1 solution: easy pull,
    convenient storage & 1 sheet that does it all.