Category: Bakery

  • CPP (Cast Polypropylene) and PE wicket bread bags for packing, displaying and preserving freshness of bread and other bakery products.
  • Cast polypropylene (CPP) films, used for lamination to other films, such as BOPP and PET.
  • CPP wicket bags for packing & preserving freshness of bread and baked goods, such as bread, buns, cookies, baguettes, and bread loaves.
  • Cake boxes for packing and easily removing the pastry from the box.
  • Printed or plain grease-proof satchel bags used for packing viennoiseries, pastries, muffins, cookies, donuts, sandwiches, takeaway, and delivery meals.
  • Paper Self-Opening Sacks (SOS) bags for takeaway and catering hot food from fast food franchises, restaurants, bakeries, sandwich shops, and coffee chains, in addition to animal feeds, building materials, household care products, and charcoal.
  • Paper sheets for fast food franchises, restaurants, coffee houses, bakeries, and patisseries.
  • Pastry boxes for packing pastries, such as cake, cookies, cupcakes, donuts, muffins, pies, and sweets.
  • Bottom-gusset stand-up pouches for agriculture, food, paramedical, pharmaceutical, and household care products on FFS machines
  • Pre-made pouches and bags for filling powders and granules for agriculture, building and construction, chemical and petrochemical, as well as food, healthcare, household care, and tobacco products.
  • Co-extruded thermoforming barrier films provide high resistance & barrier properties to preserve the taste & extend bread & baked goods shelf life.