Category: Cheese

  • Printed high-clarity barrier film used for packaging block cheese.
  • Individually wrapped sliced cheese films to protect and preserve individual cheese pieces and cheese slices.
  • Aluminum foil lid for packing melted cheese portions.
  • Bottom-gusset stand-up pouches for agriculture, food, paramedical, pharmaceutical, and household care products on FFS machines
  • Pre-made pouches and bags for filling powders and granules for agriculture, building and construction, chemical and petrochemical, as well as food, healthcare, household care, and tobacco products.
  • Barrier films for packaging shredded, crumbled and grated cheese.
  • Easily opened films for wrapping individual craft cheese.
  • Film packaging to protect and preserve individual cheese and cheese slices.
  • Co-extruded thermoforming barrier films provide high resistance & barrier properties to preserve the taste & extend bread & baked goods shelf life.
  • Laminated films for wrapping beverage, food, and paramedical cups.
  • Vacuum pouches for packaging and preserving cheese, condiments, and sauces.