Category: Healthcare

  • Plastic films and corrugated packaging to bundle, pack and ship devices, dialysis kits, transfusion, medical powder, serum, surgical gloves, syringe, medical soluble tablets and capsules
  • Point-of-purchase (POP) and point-of-sale (POS) merchandising displays, shelf ready packaging (SRP), hanging display boxes, and corrugated packaging for promoting paramedical and pharmaceutical products in pharmacies and supermarket chains
  • IV solution outer wraps, medical sachets, pouch FFS rolls and pre made bags for paramedical use, in addition to bottom web PA/PE films used for paramedical disposables & syringes
  • Blister foils and strip foils, medical sachets, sachets, and sticks, shrink sleeves, pouch FFS rolls, pre-made bags and top web films for pharmaceutical use