Category: Garbage Bags

  • Hala Garbage Bags are designed with a high thickness plastic to make a perfect choice for heavy food waste and other everyday trash. They are leak-proof to help keep your kitchen bins clean. Being oxo-biodegradable, the bag degrades in nature without leaving any harmful residues.
  • Sanita Tie Bags are very strict when it comes to household hygiene. Thicker and designed with an easy-to-close built-in tie, they keep a firm grip on trash to make the collecting, closing, lifting and carrying process handier and mess-free.
  • Sanita Club Garbage Bags cover all your clean-up needs! With their heavy-duty plastic and large sizes, they can perfectly handle big trash items and tough loads for a leak-free carrying and neat disposal! From indoor kitchen garbage to the big outdoor after event clean-up, Sanita Club is ready to handle the job.
  • Making garbage bags easier to tie is the new specialty of Sanita®! Designed with 4 strong dependable flaps, the new Sanita® Easy Tie provides modern households with a reliable way to handle and carry trash. Housewives can now benefit from the 4 handles to keep their full bags shut.
    With Sanita® Easy Tie Bags, garbage disposal is incredibly mess-free!