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Building & Construction

Building Materials

Corrugated heavy-duty bulk bins, octabin PE liners and double cover for packing, shipping and storing PET preforms, multi-wall paper bags, and heavy weight products

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Bulk Bins & Liners

Corrugated, rigid packaging bulk bins, and double cover bulk bins, available in either double or triple wall board for packing, storing and shipping heavyweight products, bulk polymers, powders, dry chemicals and compounds of material

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Bundling, Packing & Shipping

Plastic films, duplex folding cartons, and corrugated packaging to bundle, pack and ship building and construction products

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Construction Accessories

Adhesive film for aluminum panels, concrete curing film, construction film, construction geomembranes, laminated insulation film, pipe sleeves, under slab vapor barrier film, HDPE film, as well as above-ground barricade and underground warning tapes

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