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Food Storage

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Hala Food Storage Bags are suitable for keeping your food fresh and tasting great for days.


Sanita Food Storage Bags are a convenient solution for a quick and handy food storage. Their pliable and thick plastic helps reduce contact with the air to effectively preserve the taste, freshness and quality of almost all types and sizes of food.


Sanita® Sandwich Bags are designed with a fold and close top that makes them perfect for sandwiches or single serve snacks. You can use them for preserving food in picnics, trips or the fridge. The pliable plastic also helps prevent freezer burn! Sanita® Sandwich Bags are the ideal fit for a quick delicious bite!

Sanita Club

Sanita Club Food Storage Bags hold the key to food freshness! They are designed to preserve food longer and protect items against freezer burn. They are also perfect for organizing smaller leftovers and extending their shelf life in your fridge or cabinet.

Sanita Easy Lock

Sanita Easy Lock are the type of storage bags you can entrust your food with. They close easily in one slide motion and lock tight to block out air and keep food or single portions fresh and well protected against freezer burn. Sanita Easy Lock’sfood protection makes all the difference; the multipurpose bags are great for storing and organizing almost anything from meat in the fridge to cookies in the cabinet. Sanita Easy-Lock is now packed in duplex boxes for easier handling and use.