Our Commitment
to a Circular Economy
We strongly believe that Napco National has a vital role in achieving Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 objectives for Sustainable Development. Thus, we are committed to a circular economy by fostering premium re-use of industrial, commercial and agricultural plastic scrap to reduce carbon emissions and divert plastics destined for landfills or incineration into recycled applications supporting a circular economy of plastics.

By Recycling Industrial, Commercial, and Agricultural Plastic Scrap, We:

  • Since 1956
    consumption of natural resources
  • ~5,180 Employees
    new revenue streams for customers
  • 15 Employees
    customers in maintaining plant & office housekeeping & safety
  • Exporting to 50 Countries
    landfilling of plastics & associated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Over 30 Consumer Disposable Brands
    high-quality recycle plastics resins to be used in the same or similar applications

Industrial, Commercial, and Agricultural Plastic Scrap Collection & Recycling Services

Napco National supports customers in Saudi Arabia in achieving their environmental sustainability objectives by setting a sustainable plan that includes our collection and recycling services to their plastic scrap and, thereby, reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and diverting plastics from landfills. In establishing a circular economy of plastics, Napco National recycles post-industrial and post-commercial plastic polymers, as well as other plastic scrap, at their facilities in Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah.

Plastic Recycling Process

Napco National collects post-industrial, post-commercial and agricultural plastic scrap for recycling in Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah.

For upstream and high downstream producers generating more than 3MT/month of plastic scrap, Napco offers 24/7 on-premises collection and recycling of polymer scraps, using fully owned equipment: trucks equipped with hook loader, dumpsters, and balers (compacters), forklifts, and flatbed trucks. By collecting from reactors directly and washing floor sweep, and by segregating scrap by polymer family and color, Napco preserves polymer properties to be converted to premium recycled applications.

Collection is also possible from a range of other manufacturing industries, including beverage filling plants, agricultural companies, and more. Napco segregates scrap by polymer family and color, then process them at high-standard state-of-art machinery sorting facility, to include wet wash, dry wash, and granulating before sending them to convertors.

The scrap is reprocessed into garbage bags, trash rolls, trash bag rolls, grip-hole shopping bags, and agricultural applications, including mulch film, low tunnel film, and drip irrigation pipes. In addition, it is also reprocessed into rigid plastic applications, such as injection molding, plastic pallets, crates, and thermoforming.

Napco uses closed loop mechanical recycling to channel collected scrap into the same application or into applications requiring similar quality recycled resins.

Collection & Recycling Services
Polymer Scraps Collected

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Contact Us

Napco National Headquarters
1st Industrial City, P.O. Box 538
Dammam 31421, Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966-13-847 2288 | +966-13-847 2326
Email: info@napconational.com
Website: www.napconational.com

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