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Empowering Your Brands

Napco National Private Label Solutions is providing you the opportunity to define your needs and specifications and to sell your products under your own brands name, allowing for greater retail differentiation, profit margins and a diverse product offering.

Leveraging on manufacturing excellence since 1956, Napco National Private Label Solutions is offering today competitive and conscious consumer disposable products that address consumers’ ongoing health, environmental, and quality concerns.

Private Label Solutions

Napco National plants produce a wide range of high-quality and safe private label products:

  • Baby Care

    Baby Diapers
    Baby Pants
    Wet Wipes
    Baby Toiletries

  • Feminine Care

    Feminine Napkins
    Maternity Pads
    Incontinence Pads
    Intimate Wash

  • Adult Care

    Adult Briefs

  • Paper Tissue Products

    Facial Tissue
    Paper Towels
    Maxi Roll Toilet Tissue
    Table Napkins

  • Food Preparation & Presentation

    Aluminum Foil
    Cling Film
    Baking Paper
    Food Storage Bags
    Paper Cups
    Table Covers

  • Cleaning Solutions

    Refusal Bags

  • Hand Hygiene & Sanitizers

    Hand Liquid Soap
    Hand Sanitizers

  • Fabric Care

    Liquid Laundry
    Fabric Softener

  • Pet Care

    Pet Shampoo
    Pet Conditioner
    Pet Perfume

Private Label Solutions' Markets

Napco National Private Label Solutions offers customizable products to retailers of all sizes and sectors, across GCC including:




Manufacturing Technology

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with high-capability machines and use the latest production technologies. We partner with world-leading machinery manufacturers to ensure efficient manufacturing using a fully automated production process.


We take pride in leveraging technology to achieve world-class customer experience and enable our customers to have a digitized experience where we reduce the hassle of complicated processes and ensure on-time customer service.


We count on machinery data readings and detection and control systems to guarantee best-in-class product quality, protection, and security.


Our laboratory experts use their inspection methodologies to ensure our high-quality products meet international standards.

Research & Development

We are determined to foster a culture of innovation to combine art and science and to enhance products people use.


Our Research & Development department plays an integral role in improving our customers’ daily lives. We apply the latest technologies to upgrade products and processes and research new methods to improve cost, functionality, and efficiency and meet our customers changing needs and demands.

Insights Generation & Category Management

Our insights team provides data-driven solutions based on in-depth research, market trends analysis, consumer and shopper insights, and competition movement.


In order to move forward through the process from product to shelf, we analyze the data and use shopper purchase decision charts to create the ultimate retail mix and we support our clients with retail mix assortment, space, price, and promotion services.


As a signatory member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), Napco National puts sustainability initiatives at the forefront of our operations and processes.


Our sustainability pledge drives us to work hard every day to achieve a 100% sustainable portfolio.

Napco National Private Label Solutions' Operational Excellence

Contact Us

King Abdulaziz St, Al Shatea district
PO Box 30263, Jeddah 21477

Tel: +966 12 229 7900
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